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OK RPG! is a super simple role playing game that is free, versatile, universal, and beginner-friendly. It's designed to be printed and folded into a pamphlet. The game is easy to read, play, and run. It's a complete and comprehensive game system; it explains play from scratch, with no assumed experience with RPGs. The rules are designed to cover any situation that might arise during play, with no need for house rules or guessing. It's lightweight enough to get a one-shot going in 5 minutes, but robust enough to support long campaigns.

STICKERS are now available at the website, too!

 Be nice & have fun! www.okrpg.cc

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsd6, fkr, generic, One-page, OSR, Tabletop, universal


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Half-page character sheet.

Print on both sides, flip on short edge, cut in half, enjoy!


Good stuff! Is there a single character sheet for Bio write-ups?


not yet! the only Bio sheet is on the back of the pamphlet, but i'll make a separate one for a coming update. index cards work pretty well. you can try the random Bio generator on the website too!


I started a Star Wars game with my kids a week ago, and I made up a  simple character sheet they can use. Is it OK (see what I did there?) to post it here?

sure! be sure to check out Okkam (my new WIP game) at www.okkam.net - it has a character sheet. This is a super early version so expect  more news and better design in the near future!


Little but powerful one page rpg! I can see totally running it with my family as alternative to Risus