v4.3.21! OFFICIAL release!

OK. This is it! v4.3.21. After months of playtesting, revisions, and language tweaks, the release version is ready to go. Got some real art, a fully redesigned layout, and TONS of streamlining for the words and rules.

If you haven't yet, give it a shot and tell me what you think and how it plays. Thanks, be nice, and have fun!



  • The official release. For real this time!
  • Actual radical art by Tom Rogers!
  • Added Awards: vote-based advancement for Facts.
  • Changed initial Fact generation for PCs.
  • Revised rules for failed rolls.
  • Removed Resolve and Drives completely.
  • Clarified PC and GM rules.
  • Greatly reduced overall size of text. Removed extraneous fluff, examples, and over-explanation.
  • Reformatted with bulleted lists for improved clarity.


okrpg.pdf 597 kB
Apr 02, 2021


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