New version out with some major changes after a lot of table time in the past year.

  • Facts have been replaced with Bios: fill-in-the-blank templates to speed up chargen and keep it relevant. You can also create your own templates.
  • Gear rules for stuff, Conditions rules for temporary effects.
  • New PC & GM guidelines and tips.
  • Added XP and Levels. Awards were fun but classic XP/Levels are more fun and easier to translate to other RPGs.
  • Clarified & expanded text; font changed to serif for better readability in printed format.
  • ton of other stuff. Check it out and let me know what you think of the changes!

If you give it a whirl, be sure to check in on our discord or subreddit and tell us about your games! Stay tuned for the first Story Module coming up in the next month or so. It's gonna be rad.

Be nice and have fun!



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Feb 21, 2022


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